Mia Morović

Professor of English and Portuguese Language and Literature, court interpreter for English language.

Božena Bahun

Director of the Company, has a degree in German and Russian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. A court interpreter and translator.

Jasmina Štimac

External associate, lecturer, court interpreter and translator for German and Russian.

Tina Ćenan

A teacher of Spanish and Russian, actively teaching both languages.

Teodora Živković

A teacher of German and Czech, teaching and translating for many years.

Maja Kukavica

An English teacher with long experience in teaching.

Dubravka Mitraković

Court interpreter and translator for the Italian language, teaching individual students and prepares them for taking the highest language level.

Lovorka Cesarec Ban

Long-term associate for English and Spanish, court interpreter for both languages, excellent teacher of business language.

Katarina Žigić

Successfully teaching English and Croatian for foreigners.

Tijana Gojić Topolnik

External associate, teaches English and Russian, general and business language.

Josip Janeš

A teacher of Swedish, Norwegian and English, external associate.